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Ask any quality builder and they will speak adamantly about just how important the foundation is when it comes to building a home or any other structure. Here at Salina Heights Christian Church, we believe the same thing is true.  We want everyone to begin their journey with a solid understanding (foundation) of who we are and what we are all about as a body of believers. In short, we’re talking about our ministry process, as well as, how and where each and every person fits into that process. Therefore, we have created Foundations, a 3-part class designed to give you a picture of who we are as a church and where we see God moving us as a Body of believers. This is a one night class with three parts.

Part 1: Loving God Passionately
  • SHCC Introduction

  • Youth and Children’s Ministry

Part 2: Living in Community
  • Growth Opportunities

  • Life Group Ministry

Part 3: Lifting up Others Regularly
  • Gifted for Service

  • Spiritual Gift/s Analysis

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