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Life Groups

A Life Group is a small biblically based group of people who meet weekly in a home or at the church.  The Life Group environment provides opportunity to build relationships through fellowship, to care for and encourage one another, to grow spiritually using God’s word, to share the gospel with lost people, and to help others grow into fully committed followers of Jesus Christ. They are a way to experience life with other people from church and to make new and lasting friendships.


What happens in a typical Life Group meeting?
  • Time is spent building honest, transparent and authentic relationships through fellowship in an informal setting.

Benefits of Being in a Life Group:
  • Life Groups are at their best when they meet the needs of the members in a safe environment which includes: a sense of belonging, accomplishing tasks by serving together and personal growth.


Expectations for Group Members:
  • Commitment - Each person must make the Life Group a high priority in their lives and make every effort possible to attend each week and be on time.

  • Confidentiality - Whatever is shared with the group must be kept within the confines of the group in order to provide an atmosphere of openness and trust.

  • Flexibility - If you join a Life Group and it does not feel like a good fit, for whatever reason, you have the freedom to visit other groups.  This is perfectly acceptable. 

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